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Octoplus FRP Tool allows you to reset Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for Samsung, Huawei, LG, Alcatel, Motorola cell phones. Note! Huawei phones released after March 2018 with new security (except models supported via test point) are NOT SUPPORTED. Please follow future updates for more info..
Rs. 4,599
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,599
AE Tool eMMC Programmer is a high-speed eMMC service solution for OPPO R15, R15X, A5, A7, K1. Main Features: Flash / Format / Read / Write / Wipe via ISP Pinout Package Content: USB AETOOL EMMC Programmer - 1 pc.BGA 169/153 Adapter - 1 pc.BGA 221 Adapter - 1 pc.BGA 254 Adapter - 1 pc. *..
Rs. 4,450
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,450
AE TOOL MRT NEW ADITION FOR VIA TEST POINT SOLUTIONS ISP METHODAE Tool eMMC Programmer is a high-speed eMMC service solution for OPPO R15, R15X, A5, A7, K1.Main Features:Flash / Format / Read / Write / Wipe via ISP PinoutPackage Content:USB AETOOL EMMC Programmer - 1 pc.BGA 169/153 Adapter - 1 ..
Rs. 5,500
Ex Tax:Rs. 5,500
Martview All Boot Cable is world`s first multifunctional boot cable. Features: Qualcomm EDL (Emergency Download) or Qualcomm HSUSB diagnostic 9008. Can be used to boot into EDL mode Qualcomm phones which cannot be boot into EDL mode by means of volume button (specially Xiaomi).Samsung Downlo..
Rs. 699
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BMT PRO Dongle is a professional tool with 1 Year Activation provided by BMT Team. To obtain software for this dongle, please, contact technical support team. Features Android Tools Unlock and read pattern lock (root is required)Google account 4.x.x (root is required) Install Language enabler..
Rs. 5,800
Ex Tax:Rs. 5,800
Supported Features Unlock Online*Firmware Compatibility Reset FRP Lock Read Codes Read Codes Online* Patch Certificate Write Cert Network repair Reset Screen Lock Read Cert Set SIM Count CSC Change Reset Reactivation Lock Firmware Download MSL Unlock Unlock Wipe* Read Cert For Credits* SW Change ..
Rs. 2,500
Ex Tax:Rs. 2,500
Download Jig Adapter for Samsung is a tool allowing to enter download mode on a bricked phone. Features: Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 II/SII/SIII/SIV phones. Allows access to download mode even if 3-button combo doesn`t work. In case if root or flash ROM wasn`t successful, this jig wi..
Rs. 245
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E-Mate X EMMC 13-in-1 Adapter is designated for direct EMMC memory chips connection with the wide range of supported BGA types. It is compatible with all most known EMMC boxes: Riff, RIFF 2, ATF, Z3X Easy Jtag, Z3X Easy Jtag Plus, Medusa Pro. E-Mate X EMMC BGA - Compatible Boxes: Medusa Pro ..
Rs. 7,599
Ex Tax:Rs. 7,599
Easy-Box Dongle allows you to Flash, Repair IMEI, Reset FRP and many other operations on Nokia, Alcatel, and Sony phones. Nokia Nokia - Features: FlashRepair IMEIReset FRPUnlock code calculation Nokia - Supported Phones: NOKIA 1, NOKIA 1 Plus, NOKIA 2, NOKIA 2.1, NOKIA 3, NOKIA 3.1, NOK..
Rs. 2,999
Ex Tax:Rs. 2,999
Miracle EDL Cable v1.0 has been designed for Qualcomm-based Xiaomi phones to put them into Deep Flash Mode, also called Qualcomm 9008 Mode. This cable will help you to flash, unlock, read pattern lock on Qualcomm-based Xiaomi phones. What is Deep Flash Mode? If a faulty handset can enter FAS..
Rs. 350
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EFT Dongle stands for Easy-Firmware Team Dongle Note! After 1 year it is necessary to renew access by means of activation. How To Install EFT DongleHow To Register & Login To Your EFT Dongle InterfaceEFT Dongle - First in the World Root Features: The root method is new and exclusiv..
Rs. 4,600
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,600
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