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Octoplus FRP Tool allows you to reset Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) for Samsung, Huawei, LG, Alcatel, Motorola cell phones. Note! Huawei phones released after March 2018 with new security (except models supported via test point) are NOT SUPPORTED. Please follow future updates for more info..
Rs. 4,750
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AE Tool eMMC Programmer is a high-speed eMMC service solution for OPPO R15, R15X, A5, A7, K1. Main Features: Flash / Format / Read / Write / Wipe via ISP Pinout Package Content: USB AETOOL EMMC Programmer - 1 pc.BGA 169/153 Adapter - 1 pc.BGA 221 Adapter - 1 pc.BGA 254 Adapter - 1 pc. *..
Rs. 4,499
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,499
BMT PRO Dongle is a professional tool with 1 Year Activation provided by BMT Team. Features Android Tools Unlock and read pattern lock (root is required)Google account 4.x.x (root is required) Install Language enabler (without root) Install and activate Google keyboard stable (roo..
Rs. 6,299
Ex Tax:Rs. 6,299
Overview Chimera Dongle is a security smart card and a smart-card reader, that allows ChimeraTool software to authenticate the user to the server without the need to type a password. Chimera Tool PRO License Activation is meant for servicing BlackBerr..
Rs. 2,600
Ex Tax:Rs. 2,600
EDL / Xiaomi Deep Falsh Cable For Qualcomm  designed for all Qualcomm phones to put them into Deep Flash Mode, also called Qualcomm 9008 Mode.This cable will help you to flash, unlock, read pattern lock on all Qualcomm phones...
Rs. 350
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EFT Dongle - First in the World Root Features: The root method is new and exclusive and never happened beforeThe root is official and doesn’t need anything like flashing custom recoveries or ZIP filesThe root is clean and works in the device without touching partitions like: data, system, cache.....
Rs. 4,800
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,800
EMMC Dongle is a powerful Qualcomm tool that provides support for various kinds of IC EMMC included in the software. Has its own software and secure online interface. Supports IC (eMMC, MCP, UFS, eUFS) for Samsung, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, Micron and more. Supported operating systems: a..
Rs. 5,200
Ex Tax:Rs. 5,200
F-Finder Tool Dongle
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F-Finder Tool Dongle is a hardware repair guide for iPhone and Xiaomi phones. F-Finder Tool allows you to detect a problem and solve it following simple instructions. How to use: Fast Way Step 1. Choose a phone model Step 2. Select problem category Step 3. Select specific prob..
Rs. 5,499
Ex Tax:Rs. 5,499
GRT Dongle is a powerful tool designed for servicing Qualcomm-based phones. Main Features: Read / Write Full FactoryUnbrick (XML) Firmware in EDL ModeRead / Write Full Dump (User Area) Partition in EDL ModeRead / Write Full Dump (User Area) Direct in EDL ModeReset FRP in EDL Mode (Asus, Oppo, In..
Rs. 4,700
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,700
Hydra Tool Dongle
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Hydra Dongle is one of the most advanced platforms for mobile unlocking and repairing. Hydra Dongle - Modules: Main Module (Samsung, LG and Motorola)MTK ModuleQualcomm ModuleSpreadtrum Module Hydra Dongle - Main Features: Flash*Backup / Read Firmware*Repair IMEI*Security Tools (FRP Reset, N..
Rs. 5,999
Ex Tax:Rs. 5,999
BEST Dongle is an ultimate flashing and unlocking software solution for Nokia mobile phones. BEST Dongle - Outstanding Features Save user data (pictures, photo, video, recordings)Read/write Organiser recordsSave/restore Phonebook (Series 40, Series 40 new: X3, 6700c etc., Series 60,)Read/reset ..
Rs. 2,950
Ex Tax:Rs. 2,950
DOWNLOAD LINK : Dongle contains the following software, hardware and support Software for GSM and CDMA models, see list of supported models *World-famous "Chinese Miracle" software for MTK / MediaTek, etc.World-famous "..
Rs. 4,400
Ex Tax:Rs. 4,400
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